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SCL Italia Spa

SCL Italia SpA is the first company and progenitor of the Group having commenced its operation almost 2 centuries ago in the site, where Francesco de Larderel established the first industrial plant for the production of borax. SCL is the leading producer of specialty borates active in a number of markets ranging from nuclear to agriculture. SCL has its head office in Milan and production facility in the heart of Tuscany in the province of Pisa.



SCL Italia S.p.A.
Via Fabio Filzi, 25/A
20124 – Milano (ITALY)
Phone +39 02 6771681
Fax +39 02 67716820

P.zza Leopolda, 2
56044 – Larderello (PI)
Phone +39 0588 68801

Industrial facility

The industrial facilities in Larderello are composed by two distinct production unites, one entirely dedicated to specialty chemicals and another committed to the production of specialty fertilizers. The units are located on an area of approximately 5 hectares that is also home to the state-of-art Research and Development Center of the Group.

SCL Deutschland

SCL Deutschland is a commercial branch founded in 2010 to provide better technical and logistic support to our growing customers based in German speaking countries. The company with head office in the South of Germany can also rely on one conveniently located warehouse in the center of the country.



SCL Deutschland GmbH
Planegger Strasse 3
82110 – Germering (GERMANY)
Phone +39 02 6771681
Fax +39 02 67716820

Joseph Storey

Joseph Storey Ltd. was a Chemical Manufacturer, established in 1860, producing Inorganic Borates and Stannates. The company developed a strong expertise in the production of Fire Retardant chemicals, supported by a global network of distributors. Larderello Group acquired Joseph Storey in 2011 and moved the production to the Italian plant. Today Joseph Storey Ltd is exclusively a commercial branch with independent warehouse, covering the British Isles and Scandinavia.



Joseph Storey Ltd.
95, King Street
Lancaster – LA1 1RH (GREAT BRITAIN)

SCL France

SCL France is a commercial branch founded in 2024 to support the growth of our customers in France. The head office is based in Paris, the business city of the country.

france ombra


SCL France
Cs 11237
37-39 avenue Ledru-Rollin
75012 Paris

SCL Americas

SCL Americas Inc. is a branch of the Larderello Group and is the sole and exclusive distributor of specialty Borates and fertilizers in the U.S. and Canada. It has been established with the purpose of providing a reliable and convenient customer service interface for all our customers across North America.
The company runs two conveniently located warehouses in the U.S. which guarantee immediate availability of most products as a mean to quickly respond to our customer’s needs.



SCL Americas Inc.
6900 College Blvd. Suite 430
Overland Park – KS 66210 (USA)
Phone +1 913 327 7800
Fax +1 913 327 7804

Agrigento Fertilizantes

Agrigento Fertilizantes is a small medium Enterprise (located in Cerquilho, 150 km from São Paulo, Brazil) active in the production of biostimulants, adjuvants and special fertilizers for agricultural applications. The company, founded by a Brazilian family of Italian origin in 1991, was acquired by the Group at the beginning of 2019 fertilizers.



Agrigento Fertilizantes
Rodovia Antonio Romano Schincariol,
Km 92 – Cerquilho SP – Brasil
CEP 18520 000
Phone +55 15 3284 2682

Industrial facility

Agrigento Fertilizantes is the sole and exclusive distributor of the Group’s specialty fertilizers in Brazil.
The headquarter is well positioned allowing full coverage of the wide Brazilian agricultural market. The plant, after a facilities expansion in 2015, currently covers 10.000 m2 of constructed area and a plot of land of 8 hectares. The plant has been designed to assure maximum flexibility and allows the production of all commercial products.

Quimicos Essiod

Quimicos Essiod SA is located in Mar del Plata, Argentina, and it is a small-medium enterprise active in the production of chelates and chelating agents for industrial and agricultural applications. The company was founded in the late 70’s by a group of Argentine professionals and it was acquired by the Group at the end of 2014. Quimicos Essiod is currently the only producer of chelates in the whole South America and it stands out for its excellence in production standards and processes.



Químicos Essiod S.A.
Calle 5 esq 4 Parque Industrial
General Savio
Batan – 7601 Buenos Aires
Phone +54 223 4642014/5
Fax +54 223 4640616

Industrial facility

Quimicos Essiod’s current plant started operations in 1999 and covers an area of approximately 7 hectares within the Industrial Park General Savio in the city of Mar del Plata. The plant is designed respecting the most stringent codes in terms of environment, safety and hygiene and relies on state-of-the-art equipments and technologies.

SCL China

Founded in 2018, SCL (Beijing) Trading Co., LTD provides technical and sales support to our partners in the Chinese market. Primarily focused on the agricultural market, from its head office in Beijing it can rely on its own sales forces spread throughout the entire country.



SCL (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd
Room 0315, 3th floor, Block7, China
Aviation Technology Plaza. No.15,
South Rd. of Ronghua,
Economic and technological
development zone of Beijing.
Beijing, P.R.C.
Phone +86 010-81028337

SCL Filipinas

SCL Filipinas is a commercial branch founded in 2021 to provide more access to our solutions improving an efficient contacts with the local partners of the South East Asia. The choice of Taguig in Manila metro permits to reach countries around Philippines in short time.



SCL Filipinas
UNIT 2202, 22 FLOOR, BGC
1634 Fort Bonifacio, TAGUIG CITY
Phone +39 02 6771681
Fax +39 02 67716820

SCL India

SCL Commercial India is a branch founded in 2022 to provide a direct and efficient contact with the local partners in India. The office in South Delhi has a strategic position for the whole Indian market, that we provide with agriculture solutions, our focus in the country.



SCL Commercial India Pvt. Ltd.
Unit No. 404,
DLF Courtyard,
DLF Place,
District Centre,
Saket, South Delhi,
DELHI, 110017