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Past and Future

From the first production in 1818 the Larderello Group story continues.

A story of knowledge, quality, innovation and a constant commitment to cutting-edge research. A group whose growth is driven by its ability to innovate.
Protected by international patents, Larderello Group products provide a flexible, cutting-edge response to a wide range of industrial sectors.
The Larderello Group has covered a lot of ground since Francesco de Larderel, almost 200 years ago, established in Tuscany the first industrial plant for the production of borax.
Larderello Group works today in a multitude of markets ranging from nuclear to agriculture, from food to flame retardants, from pharmaceuticals to lubricants. With a global horizon we bring Italian tradition to more than 60 countries.
Larderello Group manufactures and markets four principal product families: FertiGlobal (specialty fertilizers) and Specialty Chemicals Larderello (high-tech speciality chemicals applications).
The Group’s head office is based in Italy with plants in Tuscany, Argentina and Brazil. It also counts on an extensive network of foreign branches in Europe, US, South America and the Far East.


Larderello’s soffioni and our history since 1818


Francesco de Larderel started boron production


A chemnical laboratory is set up at Larderello to improve product quality.


First use of steam, both as a source of mechanical and electrical energy.


Beginning to produce high purity boric acid and special boric salts.


Introduction of a new line of special fertilizers: FertiGlobal brand.


Opening of two new branches in USA and in the People’s Republic of China.


Opening of a new branch office in Germany: SCL Deutschland Gmbh.


Acquisition of Joseph Storey & Co Ltd (UK).


Acquisition of Quimicos Essiod, Argentinian producer of chelates.


Opening of a new branch office in Brazil.


Larderello Group enters the south Asian market with a direct presence.


Acquisition of Agrigento Fertilizantes, (Brazil).


Introduction of Specialty Chemicals Larderello division, value added solutions for hi-tech applications.


Opening of two new branches offices in Philippines and India.


Opening of a new branch office in France: SCL France SAS.

Research & Development

Constant innovation

Since the beginning the Group has always put a strong emphasis Research and Development witnessed by several products and process innovations, some of which covered by international patents.

Thanks to a modern and state-of-the-art R&D facility, and to the experience of technicians and researchers, the Group can offer solutions and customized products to address specific customer’s needs.

The Group can rely on the cooperation of a number of national and international Universities and research centers to constantly quest for excellence.

Our Network

A worldwide presence